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Some of the features on Riley! :

  • Expressive
  • GoGo Loco
  • Index Gestures
  • Hue Shift for Hair & Eyes
  • Color Swaps: Hair & Skin
  • Material swaps for all clothes
  • Over 10 material swaps for Jordans
  • SFW version for the pookies
  • omg.. she has.. pants???

Asset Credit (Please do NOT reuse any assets, textures or anything from this model without purchase from the credited creator(s) below!):

Marshuuh's Terms of Use:

  • Anything bought from my store are NOT refundable, if there are issues with the model i recommend contacting me or joining my discord server for help.
  • Do NOT asset mine on my models, any assets remaining on the model is not for you to steal off of it. Please buy from the original creators linked below if interested in their work.
  • You are not allowed to upload or send to other accounts to people who have not bought the model. You can only upload one of my avatars to other accounts or friends if BOTH parties have a license for the same avatar.
  • Please do not take credit for the model and do not gate keep. Always give credit to others and creators.
  • Editing, adding new clothing + assets is completely fine with me as long as you still give credit. I'd love to see what you all do with my models, show it off in my discord server!
  • If you would like to use my model on any social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram - please credit whether it's in captions or bios. VTubing is not allowed without full permission from me personally.
  • Do NOT make my avatars public or add them to worlds. Even if you have modified and edited it for yourself, it is not your work to publish. For this action it is an immediate blacklist.
  • By purchasing any of my models/assets you agree to the following rules above, if said rules be broken, you are a subject to be taken action against according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Special thanks to these lovely friends:

  • Atlys ; You've been so incredibly helpful with this project, you helped me with motivation and overall pushing my limits to get things done whilst helping me in unity. I adore you and your passions to achieve & push further, much love.
  • JamJam & Andromedia ; You both helped so much with some of the pictures, the showcase AND the toggle video! You two did amazing and I am so thankful for the work that you both put into. I look forward to working with you guys more<3
  • Zombie ; Thank you so so much for being so supportive and gifting me assets for my models, you've contributed so much into what I do and I'm forever thankful for having you as not just my friend but family, I ADORE YOU AAA

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Things you'll need for Riley's Package:

VRChat Creator Companion
Normal Poiyomi 7.3.50 - 8.1.167
[ NSFW ] wholesome SPS config
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9 ratings
I want this!